How to correctly install CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine?

This is a key point: the CO2 laser machine will work well only if you install the CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine correctly. Do not worry; this article will help you to know the correct installation process of the CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine. Let’s go with the following steps to install a CO2 laser machine:

Step 1

Remove the whole package; recover the machine such as wood, plastic film, etc. Be careful with of the nails.

Step 2

Now open the front door, the side door and remove all additional parts of the machine, such as water cooler, dust collector, air pump, laser tube, rotary etc. Please cut the tie on the X-axis belt and Y axis after opening the front door, get the CD and then move the laser head to the center of the work area by hand.

Step 3

The most vital step to install correctly a CO2 laser machine is to install the CO2 laser tube. Remove the laser tube from the package leisurely, and then put it in the socket of the laser tube on the back of the machine. If the laser tube has a protective plastic cover, cover the protective tape. If not, please cover enough waterproof tape. In the laser light, there is water behind the high-pressure end is water.

Step 4

Water cooler installation:  connect the water inlet and the water outlet of the water cooler with the water outlet and the water inlet of the machine by means of the silicone tube and then connect the air plugs.

Step 5

Installation of the air pump: connect the air outlet of the air pump with the air inlet of the laser cutting.

Step 6

The method of installation of the dust collector: connect the tire port of the dust collector with the telescopic tube of the laser machine.

Step 7

The installation of the floor: connect the security of the floor, find a cable and you must connect the machine to the floor. The other end connects the steel bar; it should be buried under the ground 1.5 meters. If it is in the humid place, the depth of the burial can be shallow.

Step 8

CO2 laser cutter should use the power with the 220V. If your local power is 220V, you can directly connect it. If not, you require an additional power transformer for the machine to change the power.

Step 9

First, supply power to the water cooler. Then check the silicone tube to see whether it can produce water, especially if the water flow is normal.

Step 10

Turn on the power: connect the 220V power to the laser power and open the emergency stop, then the power is blocked to see if the power is normal. Press ESC twice and then press up-down-right-left on the Leetro control panel to see if the laser head can move usually.

Step 11

Connect the softdog to the computer, copy the data from the CD to the computer, use the data cable to connect the computer with the red card, and then install the software properly.

Step 12

Open the Lasercut icon on the desktop of the computer, and design a circle of approximately 40*40 mm, the processing method is cutting, the speed is 100, the power is 1 and then downloads in the machine. Move the laser head to the right place, then press “test” to see if the laser head can surround the edge. Whether it is normal, press “start” and start working.

I hope that the above steps can help eliminate your confusion about the installation of the CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine.