Can't Go Outside to Play? No Problem!

Can’t Go Outside to Play? No Problem!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a child or adult when it’s pouring the rain, it’s a nightmare! Outdoors people might love the rain but sometimes it’s far too cold and wet to go out which means you’re stuck indoors! For most, they would be happy enough to sit in front of the TV and watch a movie for a few hours to pass away the time or to sit on the computer but for some, they want to do something a little more productive! So, what can you do indoors when it’s raining?!  You can click here for a few ideas or keep reading…

Why Not Set-Up A Play Room Indoors?

Have a spare room at home? If you do, why not create your own little play room? You can set up the sofas and chairs like a fort and play dragons and knights where the knight has to defeat the dragon. Children will love this and if you’re in charge of the kids for a little while and it’s raining, this will keep them preoccupied! Remember, it’s difficult to find something entertaining for the children when it’s raining outdoors and can’t get outside to play. However, by setting up a little play room indoors, you can ensure they have something to do and prevent them getting tired and cranky.

Write a Play Indoors

It doesn’t matter if you’re in charge of five year olds or teens, they will always be bored when it’s raining. For some reason, kids seem to want to go outdoors more so when it’s raining than when it’s sunny so you have to keep them entertained. One simple option would be to write a very short, basic play that gets all children (and adults) involved! This would be a fantastic way to ensure the children aren’t just sitting in front of the television for hours and it might just keep the peace too! Why not write something that the children will enjoy? It’s fun and not too hard to do.

Rearrange and De-Clutter

OK, so de-cluttering your room won’t sound like the most appealing or fun activity of the day but it can be a real eye-opener. If you go through some of your drawer and empty them you will find a tone of things you forgot you had. For instance, you could have forgotten about old photos that have been stuffed away in the back of a drawer for a few years or a special gift you thought you lost. There are so many things to find when you’re de-cluttering and rearranging things and for the most part, you will be very surprised indeed. Kids might not find this appealing but adults will and it’s great if you find yourself at a total loss! for more details, visit :

Can't Go Outside to Play? No Problem!

There’s always something To Do

Most people seem to think you can’t have any fun indoors and that the outside is the only place where you can unleash your crazy streak and go nuts! However, indoors can be pretty fun if you want it to be. You have so much to do whilst indoors whether it’s watching an educational movie, putting on a show, a play or just making some homemade picture frames or painting a picture. There is always something fun to do at home. When you have the children for the day and it’s rainy outside.  Even if its in the garage with the door up!  Why not show them how a laser machine works.  You can see reviews of Laguna here.  In the end you want to try and discover a project or interest  you will all love to do.