Thursday, February 16, 2017

Avoid These Dangers To Your Baby At All Costs

Keeping your baby safe should be your number one priority as a new parent. However, there are many dangers out there that can be a huge problem. Make sure you avoid these dangers to your baby at all costs: 

Obstructions in The Crib 
Your baby should not have any obstructions in their crib. This means blankets that could get pulled over their head, cuddly toys, and anything else that could stop them from breathing. Make sure their sleeping space is as safe as possible for them. 

Unsupervised Animals 
You love your animals so much that they become a part of the family. Everybody feels the same. However, no matter how much you trust your pets and feel you know them, you should never leave them unsupervised around your baby. Accidents have happened in the past, such as dogs trying to play with the baby and injuring them, and even baby deaths. Leaving them alone even for a minute to grab something or answer the door can be fatal. 

Heavy Objects Near Areas You Change Your Baby Make 
Sure you clear the areas your baby spends the most time, so that heavy objects cannot fall and hurt your baby. For example, remove objects near where you change your baby and make sure no accidents can happen. 

Poorly Designed/Installed Car Seats 
Make sure you take your time choosing a quality car seat. It should be reliable and have great reviews from parents. Not only that, you should make sure you take the time to install it properly.

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