Thursday, February 16, 2017

Avoid These Dangers To Your Baby At All Costs

Keeping your baby safe should be your number one priority as a new parent. However, there are many dangers out there that can be a huge problem. Make sure you avoid these dangers to your baby at all costs: 

Obstructions in The Crib 
Your baby should not have any obstructions in their crib. This means blankets that could get pulled over their head, cuddly toys, and anything else that could stop them from breathing. Make sure their sleeping space is as safe as possible for them. 

Unsupervised Animals 
You love your animals so much that they become a part of the family. Everybody feels the same. However, no matter how much you trust your pets and feel you know them, you should never leave them unsupervised around your baby. Accidents have happened in the past, such as dogs trying to play with the baby and injuring them, and even baby deaths. Leaving them alone even for a minute to grab something or answer the door can be fatal. 

Heavy Objects Near Areas You Change Your Baby Make 
Sure you clear the areas your baby spends the most time, so that heavy objects cannot fall and hurt your baby. For example, remove objects near where you change your baby and make sure no accidents can happen. 

Poorly Designed/Installed Car Seats 
Make sure you take your time choosing a quality car seat. It should be reliable and have great reviews from parents. Not only that, you should make sure you take the time to install it properly.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Parasites and Your Pup: Everything You Need to Know

Our dogs are part of the family, and any dog owner will tell you just how much they love their pooch. The only problem is, so do parasites. There are lots of different mini beasts that want nothing more than to feast on your dog, and in the process cause them irritation, pain and sometimes even result in illness and disease. As a responsible owner, you need to be protecting against these parasites. Here’s what you need to watch out for, and what can be done.

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A common issue with dogs, and something that pretty much every dog owner will have to deal with at some time or another. They can be picked up from other dogs when they’re playing and socializing, or just when you’re out and about on walks. Long grassy areas or spaces where other dogs and animals go often are the most likely spots. No need to change where you go on walks, simply give your pooch a flea treatment like this one This will kill any live fleas, stop eggs from hatching and also prevent them from being picked up again for a number of weeks afterward. Prevention is better than cure, but if your dog does get fleas act as quickly as possible. Put their bedding, and any soft furnishings they have touched (such as your bedding!) in the hottest wash cycle. Then treat everywhere with a product designed to kill fleas in the home. These are often highly toxic, so pets need to be put outside while it’s being done. Read the packaging instructions carefully.

Worms can be a big problem in dogs. Certain types such as heartworm and lungworm can actually be fatal, and so this is something to take very seriously. Choose a worming medication which kills all types of worms, and follow the instructions carefully. Tablets should be administered based on your dog's weight, if you don’t know this have them weighed at the vet don’t just guess. Certain types like roundworm and tapeworm will lead to increased appetite and behaviors like ‘scooting’ to relieve itchiness. But more serious worms will cause lethargy, coughing, breathing difficulties and crying in pain. Always get to your vet as a matter of urgency if any of these symptoms present.

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Ticks are members of the spider family, they’re often found on the tips of long grass and will climb onto your dog when you’re out on your walks. They attach firmly to the skin and fill with blood before dropping off. The main issue with ticks is that they spread Lyme disease, which can eventually go on to cause serious kidney issues, lameness, and other adverse side effects. If you’ve been out in a wilder area with your dog, carefully check them over once you’re home. Ticks should be removed carefully using this method, and any symptoms that occur afterward mean they need to be taken straight to the vet. Not every tick carries the disease, but it’s important to watch out for.

Fab Food Tips That Can Be Accommodated Into Your Busy Lifestyle

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Modern life is pretty frantic. Quite frankly, by the time you’ve juggled work, parenthood, and other daily chores, healthy eating often takes a back seat. However, it’s important to remember that great health is the foundation of being able to complete those other tasks. Besides, we all enjoy tucking into our favorite meals.
Rebuilding your broken relationship with food doesn’t need to be as difficult as you might first fear. It’s all about making smarter decisions and finding the right balance. Here are five fantastic tricks to help you do just that.
1. Cook in advance. Let’s face it; finding time to prepare lunches during the week can be a nightmare. So why not dedicate an hour of your Sunday to making those meals for the week ahead. The internet is packed with winning recipes tailored towards this goal. And it could revolutionize your eating habits while clawing back valuable time. In addition to the saving of time, you’ll probably find that it reduces your weekly grocery bill too.

2. Prioritize the things your body needs over the things it wants. That’s not to suggest that you can’t enjoy treats. Nevertheless, your body is smart and it will let you know when there is a problem. Whether it’s improving your digestive system or paying attention to your allergies, it’s vital that you get these things right. Even if it means taking a few food supplements, ensuring that your body receives the right nutrition should be a priority for all.

3. Try opting for quicker options, especially when it comes to drinks. What is a Corto shot? Essentially, it’s a type of espresso that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of your morning coffee without wasting hours in your local Starbucks. Apart from the time benefits, adding this option to your daily routine will remove the temptation of having a cake or biscuit too. Great news for anyone looking to stay in shape.

4. Learn to marry healthy eating with sociability. Whether heading to your local restaurant or hosting dinner parties, great food can be the foundation of many gatherings. When it comes to summer, you can even hold garden BBQs to enjoy an afternoon of fun with all your friends and family. If you’re enjoying yourself while eating a great meal, that can only be great news for your hectic schedule.    

5. Multi-task. Modern technology is a wonderful thing that enhances our lives in many different ways. Embrace the latest gadgets to improve your relationship with food by making cooking easier and cheaper. Crock Pots are a particularly useful invention for busy people as the hard work is completed while you get on with your day. Best of all, if you’re not a particularly skilled cook, it's a great way to guarantee great results time and time again.  

There you have it. Incorporate those five tips (or at least some of them) into your life, and you should find that healthy eating no longer has to be a burden. If that doesn’t restore your positive relationship with food, what will?